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Hi guys, sorry I've been offline for a while & haven't chimed in lately.

I popped off the A-pillar cover (screws were long) and clipped the mic wire in the four or five clips that run along the airbag like synE46 did.

As I have PM'ed with delmarco, for some reason I was not able to get quality mic responce when I positioned it inside the headliner as he shows in his DIY. A bit of a bummer really because I really wanted it to be a 'stealth' install. It sounded like I was talking with a mouth full of cereal or something. I also found that the mic was clipping at normal voice levels but sounded much better when I wishppered. So like was discussed earlier in this thread I started to play with a series resistor to reduce the sensitivity of the mic. Since the youtube video suggest 10 ohms, I started with 20 ohms, then 75, then 200, & I stopped at a 300ohm.

And as I have already hinted, my final mic position is below the headliner.

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