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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Hi guys, sorry I've been offline for a while & haven't chimed in lately.

I popped off teh A-pillar cover (screws were long) and clipped the mic wire in the four or five clips that run along the airbag like synE46 did.

As I have PM'ed with delmarco, for some reason I was not able to get quality mic response when I positioned it inside the headliner as he shows in his DIY. A bit of a bummer really because I really wanted it to be a 'stealth' install. It sounded like I was talking with a mouth full of cereal or something. I also found that the mic was clipping at normal voice levels but sounded much better when I whispered. So like was discussed earlier in this thread I started to play with a series resistor to reduce the sensitivity of the mic. Since the youtube video suggest 10 ohms, I started with 20 ohms, then 75, then 200, & I stopped at a 300ohm.

And as I have already hinted, my final mic position is below the headliner.

Uhm...what was the ultimate result with the adding of the resistor? Is it a noteworthy addition for the DIY.

Also I should call you to see what you mean about the mouth full of cereal distortion.

My mic is so clear that I moderated a conference call with my cousin in London and my girlfriend who was walking and shopping around midtown Manhattan and everyone heard each other clear like if we were all in the same room. My cousin said she could hear the taxi horns honking in the background as if she was sitting in the car with me.

I also think or I'm beginning to think that only variable between all the kits we've put in and cars we've been installing them in is OUR PHONES.

Some of us are using various generation iPhones, Blackberries, etc....
on the same kit.

So I'm wondering if that has to be a big factor if not the BIGGEST factor in kit performance.
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