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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post
Uhm...what was the ultimate result with the adding of the resistor? Is it a noteworthy addition for the DIY.

Also I should call you to see what you mean about the mouth full of cereal distortion.

My mic is so clear that I moderated a conference call with my cousin in London and my girlfriend who was walking and shopping around midtown Manhattan and everyone heard each other clear like if we were all in the same room. My cousin said she could hear the taxi horns honking in the background as if she was sitting in the car with me.

I also think or I'm beginning to think that only variable between all the kits we've put in and cars we've been installing them in is OUR PHONES.

Some of us are using various generation iPhones, Blackberries, etc....
on the same kit.

So I'm wondering if that has to be a big factor if not the BIGGEST factor in kit performance.
Dropping the mic to this position has cleaned up the "mouth full of cereal" problem. Adding the resistor has reduced the mic's sensitivity so I don't have to whisper. NOW it sounds very good.

You are right, it could be the cell phone being used. I do have the Echo Control on my BB 8110 set to Automatic.

Additionally, they may have shipped the parrot kits with different mics with slightly different characteristics. Especially if the mics are from different manufactures.

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