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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Sorry to bump an old thread, however what does cause the SES light to come on in the HPF? No cats or what?
From another thread

Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
Of course. We control both the intake and exhaust cam and have programmed them in a table that allows us +/- 20 degrees based on both rpm and boost. It is truly remarkable how much power you can pick up by advancing/retarding the cams based on rpm and boost. That's the main reason our kits have virtually no turbo lag, it's because we've set the cams for the maximum power at lower rpms as well as tuned the cams for the maximum performance across the entire powerband.

JP (our engineer) told me back in 2006 that we have a choice, either leave the cams at their factory settings and "not" have the service engine soon light come on, or we can pick up 30-40rwhp at several points in the powerband by moving the cams to optimize the M3's performance. I asked why can't we do both. He said because the DME looks at the camshaft position sensors and determines that the camshafts are not within the range set from the factory. So I chose to have more power and leave the SES light on. If we tuned the DME, we could possibly change those limits to allow our settings and not have the SES light come on, but we really haven't spent (or wasted) any time with DME tuning on that car since the factory computer doesn't run the engine. You can't even see the SES light with our kit anyway.


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