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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I've read that your right rear tire will wear slightly faster than the left if you have an open diff. So I guess the right side would be the better place to put the new tire. I have not noticed significantly more tire wear on the right side on the 5 sets of tires that I've gone through.

If you want to get more life, flip the tires (remove from rim and flip over so the inside is now on the outside). My rears always wear on the inside much faster. That will give you about an extra 25% from my limited experience.

I was under the same impression, but couldn't remember if I had read it somewhere, or deduced it on my own or what...

I was so out of it, I forgot I even made this thread, haha, got up this morning, still not feeling well, and just took it up there and had it put on. 25 degrees here this morning and my garage isn't that big, would have had to move 3 cars to move the ZHP over enough to take off both rear wheels.

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-1 is for pussies...real men like me have -3.1.
Poor college students only have -1 too. Planning a mild, H&R cup kit, drop when she's paid off. Hopefully spring/summer...

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