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Originally Posted by royalratch View Post
Still confused.

Can someone clarify on how the wires leave the stereo and reach the door speaker and then the tweeter on a standard non-amped, non HK set up?
I can only comment on the Euro E46 Vert with non HK and no amplifier.

It has an inline resistor connected to the cable/wiring from the bass/woofer speaker to the tweeter, see the circled area in the photo:

I cut and soldered spade connectors for my set up :

and shrink wrapped in the final install:

Then shrink wrapped the spade connections after fitting for good measure:

Obviously you cannot use the same / original tweeter cable with new tweeters if you want to use your own crossover because of the inline resistor.
(Unless you replace them with identical 8ohm tweeters - but then what was the point ?)

So in summary, the woofer / bass cable can be cut and soldered and the tweeter wire is best replaced. Any crossover needs to be wired in the door (or take a feed from before the amplifier - if / where the car has one)

Hope this helps, it shows where my crossover is in the door between the woofer and tweeter. I have a non HK and no factory amplifier set up. The speaker input feeds the crossover and the crossover has a tweeter output and a bass/woofer output which you connect to the corresponding speaker:

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