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Originally Posted by eml View Post
convertibles won't have the button even if they have the HK option as there is no more space on the panel for the button (taken up by the roof buttons).
OK, that's what I had suspected. So, to summarize:
  • Some people think that HK equals DSP.
  • Others think that there is no DSP available for E46's (3-series).
  • We all agreed that HK equals speaker button, unless it is a convertible.
  • And from all I found, I would second that DSP means you have a different wir
    ing harness, one that includes optical fiber.

We'll get it together! I just wanted to add that if I select my options on Crutchfield, in example, (2002, E46, 330cic, HK) it automatically selects "Business CD with HK and DSP" - so if there is no DSP on all E46, that would be definitely wrong. I found quite a bit of posts on this forum that mention DSP, so I am a bit hesitant to follow the "no DSP on any 3 series" line.

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