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Am I a nutjob for thinking about counseling?

I am in a dysfunctional relationship and in my opinion, its not a matter of if we break it off, its just when.

The main mental hurdle I have is the thought of her dating (and having sex with) other people. By nature I live kind of a boring lifestyle so that makes it a lot more difficult. We have broken up before briefly and thoughts like this just consumed me. I know a lot of people's responses about this topic are simply "you have to get over it and it will go away eventually", but I feel like I am having a harder time than most with this issue. Anyway, I am thinking about seeing a family counselor to try and get me over this hurdle in my life. Am I nuts for doing this?

p.s. I don't really want to go to a doctor - i have zero interest in taking any medication to deal with this.
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