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To put it shortly, you would be "nuts" if you DID NOT seek professional help. The faster you tackle the problem, the faster you will get over it, allowing you to stop wasting your life feeling miserable about yourself and more time being productive and getting what you want out of a relationship/life.

Anyway, judging by your previous posts on your relationship, you make it seem like she is very outgoing, sociable and adventurous - so much so that her social prowess intimidates you (especially when you realize her lifestyle puts her around more men than your lifestyle women).

Next, Its obvious that you are putting her through a lot of sh1t by constantly putting her "on thin ice." It seems as if you do this to hurt her because you "know" she will hurt you and are setting up your defenses for when you two finally part ways. However, you are normal and not psycho because you realize this behavior is egocentric and obsessive and are willing to correct it so that you and her can both go on and be happy. You need to man-up, accept the fact that her life after you is not of your concern, and that you need to enjoy life and enjoy the hunt.

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