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Originally Posted by nah33m View Post

I am also fitting a reverse camera, however i am having problems

Let me explain

I have checked the camera on my TV (PAL in hte UK) and it works perfectly

I proceeded to install it as per your above wiring suggestions

Before i completed the installation i checked it my first earthing the pin 17 (blue) to the car body and then putting the car into reverse the picture comes on but it flickers, i have checked everything and re-wired it again, but it continues to flicker!

I then removed pin 13 + 14 (white) and placed them on 15 & 6 (AV input) and the camera worked perfectly, obviously it cannot stay on these pins as when you are moving the TV in motion warning comes on) and also you need to manually check it to.

Therefore can you let me know how can i adjust hte camera to stop the flickering, i think my SAT NAv is Mk3 wide screen with a CD nagivation systems. (E46 M3)
Hi !

i got the same issue when i attempted to input a DVD video signal into the reverse camera input.
So, may be that the signal video of the camera is not supported by the TV tuner.

* You have to be ensured that the camera is able to output a PAL video signal.

what are the features of this camera ?
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