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Originally Posted by JoeVert View Post
"professional help" is a joke. If you see it as "only a matter of time" then its going to be "only a matter of time". Professional help will only delay the inevidible. All counseling does is give you a room where you can vent your frustrations. If you can't already do this in the privacy of your own home then its hopeless and its time to move on.

edit: just to be clear I am talking about couples counseling, not personal counseling. If the latter is what you need after a breakup by all means try it out, but the former is useless.
O word. If you were talking about couples counseling, forget. I am 100% against it. But, as stated before, I am 100% FOR counseling to rid yourself of the serious pain from the thought that your ex will be intimate with another man.

So ya, break it off, and get counseling to help you ride it out until you got an emotional handle on things.
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