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Originally Posted by DILLA View Post
can't wait to see the results.
that's too bad about imola.. but it will still be epic nonetheless!
Yeah I was a little disappointed but I had no choice

It should still look great nonetheless!

Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
Nice project man! I'm tempted to do the same thing ever since I picked up my Alcantara seats, have a grey interior and trying to decide the best route to go with the black. Are you going to dye the door panels? I'm tempted to go that direction, pick up a black carpet and then cover the headliner in black suede.

Best of luck on the project, looking forward to seeing the results
seats and door panel inserts, just like a true cinnamon

Originally Posted by azzy989 View Post
sounds like a fun project neil and the cinnamon will look sexy! i kinda like the tan on black though....i am a liiiittle bit biased
Haha yeah but normally you don't put black seats in a tan. It doesn't look horrible but it kinda looks funky

Originally Posted by e46JAB View Post
Damn Neil that looks great! Can't wait to see the final result.

Now just upgrade your wheels and no one would ever know your car was a non-sport
lc lms on order

Wont be here till Jan though

Originally Posted by razahyde View Post
how much was your steering, i just bought a brand new one and it was 325 with the controls and lower trim.
Like a brand new tri-stitch from the dealer? $325 is below dealer cost, that's impossible

Originally Posted by 615bimmerboy View Post
black and cinnamon is gonna be so awesome
im jealous

does anyone have any pics of a black/cinnamon interior? just to kinda see what its gonna look like..
This is a small but good pic:


Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
oooooo good stuff. hate to see this happen to perfectly good black seats. you could sell these and buy tan or grey ones, netting profit.
Yeah, I mean I picked up the seats for just under $200 so I probably could. Just don't want to mess with shipping costs I guess, they are being used for a good purpose though. The rear seats are tan, haha

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