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Delmarco, thanks for the great write up. I just noticed in another thread that you have double Homelink now, that's kinda funny.

I have an addition to this DIY that has both advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately I have no pics, sorry. Some of the mirrors on late 90's early 00's Land Rover Discovery's are exactly the same as in our cars with the exception of the mounting bracket. Even the wiring connector is the same. I bought one with Homelink, a compass, and NO CLOWNNOSE off ebay for $90 shipped. The one problem with this mirror is the compass is green. When shopping I paid careful attention to the markings on the back of the mirror, compared to the markings on my mirror, and made sure I had a picture of the wiring harness so I knew I was getting what I wanted.

To install, I followed this DIY for removal of my old mirror. I then placed the mirror facedown on a soft surface (carpet) and held the mirror with one hand while gently but firmly leaning on the mounting bracket until it popped out of the mirror. To get the wires out, you will have to remove them one by one from the wiring connector. The Disco mirror will be the same, although much fewer wires. Make sure you draw yourself a map of what wire goes to what pin placement in the connector. Once you have everything apart, assemble the Disco mirror to the BMW bracket, and install in the car per the rest of this thread.

Hopefully someone who does this can take some pics, sorry again about the lack of them on my part.
You're right, I don't have very many posts. The search function generally meets all of my needs. Much obliged to all the folks who were willing to purchase these things new and pave the way for the rest of us.

There are times the BMW just doesn't cut it, so I also have a Nissan Titan, and a Ducati 1098.
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