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Originally Posted by nah33m View Post

I put the black on the Pin 17 wire and the red to ground. ( I will try the other way later on an report back), but i think that will give +5v?

previously I changed the ground from the car body to the rear tail light ground, again the same flicker, i also tried on other parts of the body, again the same.

Is there any other PIN i can use for the reverse camera on the blue/white connectors?

Ok, so that's normal you're getting -5V, as you inversed black & red wires of the multimeter, as the voltage is the difference of electrical potential of 2 points.

I don't think there are others pins you can use for reverse camera. it's only pin 17.

The aim would be to get 0V on the pin 17.

I really don't understand why you're not getting 0V when you ground the pin17. That's a stupid question, but Are you sure that you wire is ok ?
Did you check whether the continuity (with the multimeter) is ok between the pin 17, and the chassis ? (ground)
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