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Originally Posted by devin_name View Post
Yes I have searched...

I have a 2004 325i. I noticed that when the temperature drops below about 35 that my car idles at about 900 rpms. Completely steady... doesn't drop or surge... just a steady 900 rpm. As soon as the temperature warms up it will drop back down to the 600 range which is where it normally idles at. Doesn't matter how long I drive it or let it warm up... seems to be completely dependent on outside teperature. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned?

It's funny. I noticed that tonight as well. Car running @ 900RPM in the cold weather. However I did notice couple times that when you turn the heater off manually the RPM drops. No idea why?
You may want to see if yours does the same.


It definitely has to do with the cold weather. I have noticed the rpm aound 800-900 when cold. After the engines warmed up it drops to 600rpm.

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