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I just want to make a suggestion ... Last year I used to have idling issues, either it would randomly surge or dip a bit while sitting at a light in neutral (manual car), or when I start it cold, it would hesitate or generally not run great until it warmed a little more.

In performing some other maintenance (CCV), I was right by the DISA, throttle, and ICV. I ended up taking out and cleaning all three of those (i was just curious as to their condition.

THE idle control valve ......... it was so sooty I could not believe it. I could not even tell how it worked!!

Took half a can of throttle cleaner to get all the black carbon out .. I was amazed it was now a clean chrome silver color, and even rotated under its own weight!!!

After cleaning that (damn, did it need it) all my idle issues completely disappeared.

SO moral of the story ... next time you are replacing an intake boot, the DISA valve, etc... take out the ICV and clean it .I you never have before, and you have 70k or more on the car (Like I did) it will NEED the cleaning. no new parts required, just some tim. Whenever I hear idling issues this is what i suggest.

I have not done my VANOS yet but purchased the seals thinking it was the cause for my idling issues. Now they are sitting on a shelf because I am lazy
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