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Originally Posted by dlopez View Post
Yes, my car has recently light up the DSC crash mode in which, DSC and Brake lights turns on to indicate a ABS malfuntion, it is due to a module malfunction, not the speed sensors like every else solves it with. My2001 330 has been a great car, but the DSC has controlled my power for too long.

I have searched, all of the other threads and no one has disscused this matter. Could someone remove DSC from a e46? So that as soon as you turn the car on the DSC is completly off. To my knowledge ABS will be gone and braking will be different, and I dont care! How? Is the million dollar question.

Please post your knowledge and suggestions.

BTW> I am not the only one interested to solve the dilema, two friends of mine are too. One owns a e46 M3 and the other a e60 525i both are 2004's.
Dude what? Of course you can take off abs and DSC. Why wouldn't you be able too? Actually i can see why, since M is now for marketing but the e46 generation was a straight BMW. Yes you can take it off but the question is do you want too? Your friend with the M3 is better off without it but in a normal 3 series your better off having it because DSC reproduces the effects of an LSD allowing you to put the power down sooner on corner exit without loseing it.

Get an LSD and then go old school. ABS is pointless, its for people that dont know how to drive. In the old days they made do without it and did just fine. And unless under conditions, you should never be getting into ABS anyway.

Do some google searches and all that. My guess is taking out the mechanical components and physically removing the DSC and ABS units from the car is going to be black and white and fairly easy for those who are mechanically incline.

However its still going ot be in the system, so your going to need to get some "custom computer work" done. This isn;t uncommon, tons of people have done this before you.

I mean i dont like talking **** about forums i like but this forums quality of hardcore enthusiast has really dropped to a crowd that likes buying there cars for status symbols and then they rice them out. People who would rather do angel eyes, body kits, tail lights, and stupid glowing lights over things like performance brakes and suspension mods. Its still a great forum and theres still a bunch of real enthusiast on it but if your looking to get your speed game on hope on BF.c or bimmerfest, just because youll find more track junkies there.
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