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Originally Posted by djnekkon View Post
Get a life insurance right after that dude!! good luck!
Yeah its no joke, not having it and not knowing how to control the car without it can put you in a bad situation. Learnin a big parking lot where you can do things at speed. Im talking like 50 mph and locking them up, sliding all over the place and stuff. Open diffs and drifting just dont mix.
I used to drift all the time, about a year of drifting experiance, but anything can happen, i laid down my e46 after going to far on a slide one time. But in all honesty it was worth it, i wasn;t surprised when it happened i knew what i did wrong, learned a little bit. Suffered from losing my e46 but hopped into an e36 and i love it. People say was it worth it to loose your nice car your and idiot. But **** yeah it was. Doing about 3K miles of drifting on direzzas is always fun. Everyone ****s up just be prepared for it and thats all that counts. Its those oh **** moments, many i didn;t know it was gunna happen tha make you a bad driver. Even though thats the story the cops get lol

I own a 94 325is and it comes with no form of traction control, no abs, no DSC or ASC.

Not having any of that is better than having it. Instead of learning to rely on computer programs to correct what you ****ed up you learn things like car control and learn to improve upon your skills. Simply having DSC is why people are scared to drive rear wheel. Yes a RWD car will loose control every now and then and the back will swing out but you shouldn;t be afraid of that. Going around a turn sideways is the same as whipping a turn with control. You still have to balance the car on a limit.

This guys got the right idea hear and obviously isn't a pussy. Hes product for a really good driver in the making or possibly made.

To OP ill look into the whole thing for you, and when i find the info you want. Maybe some DIYs ill let you know. Im just a little lazy so give me a day or two. You might want to PM me cause this is something im going to forget to do. Congradulations on stepping up to the plate though you dont see good threads like this every day.
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