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Originally Posted by pei330ci View Post
Hans Stuck absolutely loved the ABS on the M3 GTR, he went out of his way to compliment it a number of times while doing in-car commentary, and outside of the car in the paddock at the "Ring".

Bosch makes a stand alone Motorsport ABS system that makes it way into a surprising number of Race and Street applications. People don't mind the $10k price, as it really is that good.

I would classify myself as a fairly hardcore BMW enthusiast.
I agree that your a hardcore enthusiast along with everyone else in this thread. There are tons of people on here that know the real deal, most of them know a lot more than me. I wasn't trying to dis any of you. Im just saying as these cars get cheaper and reach the 10 year old mark they are getting scooped up by people who shouldn't have them.

I apologize for my comments as they were very one sided and i didn't explain them well. I agree with you that there are ABS systems that do wonders and are a very positive asset but like you said yourself 10K. None of them are really in our price range. If we had 10K to drop just on ABS we would all be driving ferraris, and the bimmer would be the daily with a sick 500 whp turbo on there. I was just talking realistically. If your looking to improve your skills and you are willing to sacrafice everyday driveability and such for some performance, screw the abs.
Without it your skills will be honed alot better, you will feel more connected with the car. I interpreted this guys question in the sense he was building a race car or race spec car.

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