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Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
My bad, I really didn't mean it like that. What i meant to say is there are alot more "*****" type people finding there way on to this forum nowadays. The hardcore guys still remain and there awesome, didn;t mean to disrespect like that. Just came out wrong and i didn;t realize it. But there are alot more people who dont know jack about there cars on here and only want to do show mods. Put 19" rims on there car with stock brakes cause they look cool. Things that have no purpose and only do harm to performance. If they know that and thats what they want thats cool. But most people I find do these things and dont understand the effect they will have. They just do them.

Anyone know what i mean? Im shooting myself in the foot here lol. I just dissed the whole board on accident

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