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OMG! Good Freakin' News!!

Originally Posted by gsletch View Post
Does your 2001 HU require two successive button pushes to perform one task? I asked another forum member, E46Moonlight, who has a year 2000 HU and a USA Spec unit and he gets text display, but with the two button push functionality. You have to disable text display to get one button push functionality. I wonder if the cutoff for one button push WITH text is 2000/2001 headunits???
I just installed it in a 2000 Blaupunkt HU w/ iPhone 3G. It DOES NOT require two-successive button pushes for anything! I can change tracks, playlists, etc. with one button press &&& I still have Text Display!! I was totally surprised . I was ready to buy a newer HU and Antenna Amp just to solve this problem. I think they must have fixed this issue with the newer USA-Spec units (DICE still has this major issue as far as I know). They've been shipping the newer units for about a year now. btw, the newer iPhone 3G charging cables have a blue/yellow stripe sticker on the end.

I've only had it for a day, but this purchase is a no-brainer. Thanks to steve.325i, I saved the hassle and a good amount of $$ over the DICE solution.

  • The simplicity. Personally, playlists browsing is all I need.
  • Remembers the playlist, song, and resumes from the middle of the track even after I unplug my iPhone or turn the car off.
  • Plug-n-play installation.

Needs Improving:
  • Text display limited to 16 characters.
  • Text display takes a while to show up.
  • Faster track changes would be nice. Not bad though.
  • iPhone 3G sometimes lights up after a track change (I want to set this to on/off)
  • iPhone 3G sometimes does an annoying "charging" notification sound shortly after changing tracks. I have to switch to Silent.

To make it even better, I think I'll just pick up a used iPod and leave it connected in the car. Simple.

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