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Originally Posted by dudelove View Post
I've only had it for a day, but this purchase is a no-brainer. Thanks to steve.325i, I saved the hassle and a good amount of $$ over the DICE solution.
Awesome. I am happy to hear the install went well.

re: your Needs Improvement list:

  • Text display limited to 16 characters.
  • Text display takes a while to show up.
Absolutely agree.

  • Faster track changes would be nice. Not bad though.
Is your unit slower than in my video? This could be due to the communication being slower with the older HU ... I'm really not sure.

  • iPhone 3G sometimes lights up after a track change (I want to set this to on/off)
  • iPhone 3G sometimes does an annoying "charging" notification sound shortly after changing tracks. I have to switch to Silent.
I can't comment on these since I a Blackberry person & I really never touch the iPod in my car.

Thank you for the specific info about the 3G cable coloring. I didn't know this.

Again, I glad to hear you are 'overall' happy with it.
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