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Originally Posted by steve.325
Is your unit slower than in my video? This could be due to the communication being slower with the older HU ... I'm really not sure.
My unit is about the same speed as yours. It's like 1.5-2 sec delay between track changes. Like Arsevader noticed, RND track changes for some reason don't seem to have this delay.

Just a note on how the FWD/RWD works in the older HU. You must press "RND"-->"m"-->then hold on FWD/RWD
Originally Posted by Arsevader View Post
I agree, but this is a wierd one. I have noticed that if I use the random mode on the head unit, the track changes are almost instant, but in normal mode there is a slight delay.

I am having a slight issue where sometimes my playlist 5 is not recognised, but it might be something I am doing.
Yup, I noticed the same thing with RND mode being almost instant.

I noticed some weird random bugs too, like it didn't load my BMW1 playlist on startup one time. But I'm pretty sure it has to do with the more complex iPhone/Touch interface. I also learned to ignore the warning messages asking you to switch to Airplane mode every time you connect, or warning you device may not be compatible with iPod.

That's why I'm picking up a cheap stand-alone iPod and keeping it connected.

Originally Posted by ianmc54 View Post
All i want to do is put all of my ipod songs on random and press up on my steering wheel to scroll though tracks.

Can I do this? Do i put the headunit on RND* or put the ipod on shuffle?

Also I don't have a mode button, so what do I press to go to my ipod?
Yes you can. Select CD 5 to play All Songs then choose RND.

If you don't have a Mode button, you use CD button.

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