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little update...

following this plan was interesting, I would either completely commit to it for a good few weeks, going to gym 6 days a week and tracking every bit of food that entered my body... then I would stop caring as much, hit gym 2-3 times a week and have a cheat meal here or there or eat a little extra. I was eating 1600 or less calories a week net... trying to lose 2 lbs a week. I'm down to 168 right now and it seems to have stuck there, I'm going on a bunch of vacations etc now so I've decided to stop the cut and straight bulk which I love... 3500 calories of good food and seeing results in the gym.

Don't have time for pics right now but while you can't see much for abs I can tell a significant portion of my stomach especially when sitting has dissapeared, and places like my chest/arms/forearms/legs are much more cut and defined. Now I plan to do a bulk until probably march, and attempt to cut again and see if it is easier this time which a bunch more lean muscle mass.

Thanks for encouragement guys, I made this thread so hopefully one day I can look back on it and go wow... I've come pretty far.
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