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Thanks for all the insights! I feel like everyone is making an assumption of my parents the kind that allows me to own anything I want, object matter. Well from my point of view, they are very strict.

To put this into perspective they have not allowed me to do somethings that regular middle class parents would find ordinary.

1. Donate blood.
2. They have actually selected my friends and have used financial threats to ban me from meeting people from school.
3. Go out to car meets.
4. They have prohibited me from talking to some of the employees at work because they believe they are "negative".

I truly believe they do not trust me, they are quite patronizing from my perspective. Everything i do and say must be approved by them or modeled to their liking. Am I childish for thinking such?

Moreover, I believe they are quite hypocritical, which is primarily the reason why I am not fully buying their ideas on dating. They emphasize on the fact that dating at such a "young age" (21) only lets me meet girls that would "waste" my time. Fact - My parents met when they were 18. They believe that if they cannot perform well in school and dropped out because of dating (Both are high school educated) assumes that I can't either, but I believe I am rightful in saying I can and have because I have accelerated in a province with the highest drop out rates and is on the verge of graduating with much much more distractions than their era.

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