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I like the swap switch with another to see if it works.

If not, the only other thing I'll add, and I hope helps someone, someday at least...

Years ago in my '92 325i my window had some weird problem...and I think it was similar...it would go down in one press, but going up, it would only move an inch or two with each pressing of the switch.

Somewhere, thankfully, I found a DIY that fixed that issue for just the cost of a dap of epoxy.

There was a magnet in between motor and regulator mechanism...on a shaft that signaled when window was up (or something). Anyway, this round magnet had slide down the shaft maybe a half inch...because of that window failed.

If you search windows, magnet, regulator, E36, I bet that will come up...can't say it'll fix your issue, but I love these free fixes for something BMW would otherwise charge $350 for part and $300 for labor.

Anyway, for the archive if not there already.

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