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Originally Posted by blownE30M3 View Post
Hey, just responding to your above statement about the AFC as a whole.

So you are going to tell me the Jets (Who we beat twice) have a better shot than the Dolphins?! As well as Jacksonville who just lost?

I have full confidence the Jets and NE will lose at least 1 or more games before the year is up. We may lose 1 but will still take either the division or the wild card. I have a feeling Denver will not carry through and either take second slot or none at all. Baltimore will most likely make it as usual.

Our opponents are Tennessee, Houston, and Pittsburgh. All with losing records. C'mon now. let's make a friendly wager then. How about a $50 bet Miami makes the playoffs one way or another?

Originally Posted by B View Post
I sent you my paypal info

your season is officially over, I look forward to your email

meanwhile, my Jets play for their entrance to the post-season in < 1 hour!!!

J... E... T... S... Jets... Jets... JETS!!!
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