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Hi Wilawok,

To be honest I didnt take many pictures during the conversion and it was almost 2.5 years ago so cant remember where they all are but I have found a few and put them up.

Hope they are of use, i went for changing the complete quarter panel as its the best way to get an OEM finish! this was time consuming and a bit of a pain to do in places but as long as you have a spot weld drill and some thin cutting discs its not too bad!

Before work started

Strating to cut away the passenger quarter panel, its a bit fiddly as its brazed on in a few places (under the light cluster, and the bottom corner of the rear window)

The car looks a bit of a wreck now! but it has to get worse to get better!

This was doing the drivers side, i managed to get a second hand brand new panel from a garage which bought it in for an insurance repair job on a real M3, all they done was cut a section out by the light! so I stripped the paint of the original panel and cut to fit flush, and seam welded, with a bit of patients it came out perfect!

after welding, pre prep work before spraying.
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