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Just did this today as my car overheated thismorning and I was preparing to do it anyway. (overheated due to coolant leak I believe, coming from thermostat area)

noodlesan Big thanks to everyone on the forums for the DIYs!

I only ran into one little problem...the coolant level sensor inserts easily into the my new expansion tank, however it won't turn 45 degrees to lock...I used quite a bit of force but stopped short of breaking it. Good news is there is no leak. Bad news, however, is I keep getting the "add coolant" light on/off as I drive.

Anyone had this problem? I'm thinking of just ordering a new coolant level sensor, but wanted to ask first...

Again, THANKS all!
Same thing happened to me, although I tested it outside the car, when trying to turn it I noticed the expansion tank slot that the sensor turns in was poorly made and stoping it, got a little knife and carved it away and presto it turned. Would be alot trickyer on the car,
good luck

Also I ran into a bleeding problem, I poured and poured with engine off and heater on, stopped when it stayed full (bleed screw open)
Turn on car and for a minute inspected but no more coolant was needed and nothing was coming out of the bleeder screw, I drove to my mechanics thats 2 minutes away so he could do it plus make sure there wasnt some leak somewhere (pressure test the system)
Got there he was sadly closing, but said that you were supposed to use a vacuum thingy (he didnt say thingy offcourse ) and I had an air lock in my heater valve as no hot air was coming out yet. so when I got home, undid bleed screw and alot of air/steam came out.

So I guess ill try again, this time do i leave bleed screw open until up to operating temps?

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