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Hi James,

Yes surprisingly pretty much everything worked perfectly.

The ECU and car electronics are pretty much completely separate and swapping the ECU appeared to have no affect whatsoever.

One to to bear in mind though is the instrument cluster will need re-programming to 6 cylinder spec. This is due to the temperature gauge, the 6 cylinder engines run significantly cooler then the 4 cylinder engines, from what I understand (read it somewhere) this is to improve engine emissions on the older 4 cylinder engine.

I originally thought this was due to the head and block both being aluminum on the 6 cly and needing to run cooler. but they should expand at the same rate being the same material! so its nothing to do with the head gasket as far as i know. the 4cyl 1.9 has an aluminum head and cast iron block so i would expect issues with the head gasket but after 80K it was still going strong!

Anyways im rabbling on a bit off subject here!

One important thing I would like to mention is the ASC/DSC my car in an early 1999 model, fitted with ASC.

The ECU/DME I fitted was designed to work with DSC, if any keen eyed spotters have noticed after around 2002 the ABS/traction control module was moved next to the brake servo on the drivers side. (and not by the engine electronics box on the passenger side!)

Im unsure about the reason for this, I would imagine its very difficult to change in its old location! anyways I thought the ASC would not work! I was proved wrong, luckily everything works! ABS and traction control!

It would appear the traction control and ABS messages on the CAN bus are the same for ASC and DSC so luckily all is ok! I must admit it has got me out of a few sticky situations before and im very happy I didnt have to retrofit DSC!

As far as throwing codes? none that are an issue, I had a couple to start with but they were because I plugged the oxygen sensors in wrong!

Apart from that works really well, the ECU keeps itself to itself pretty much, the only communication it does with the car is via the CAN BUS which is between the ASC/DSC and the instrument cluster, this transmits information in digital format like RPM, engine temp, and the 'engine retardation' messages sent from the ASC/DSC to stop the engine revving or to reduce power output if the wheels spin up etc...

About selling.... well I have recently become a proud father and I'm after a more family orientated car so yes im willing to sell if the price is right! Im open to offers on the car and hope any offer that is made will reflect the amount of time I have put into this car and more importantly its a bit of a one off (very cheap insurnace for a 325... sorry 318! lol)
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