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Well I got a new 35mm f/1.8 lens the other day so I figured I take a couple of photos. This lens is damn legit, thank you for the recommendation Wes

I know you guys want to see the rear of the car and the headliner but I'm not done yet so no photos until I'm finished. Expect another update within a day once I finish up those pieces. I need to go out during the day and take some proper photos but until then, you get to enjoy artificial light which makes the seats look straight orange

Excuse the dusty car, it will be cleaned for the final update

BMW Cinnamon

Adjustable Bolster

I can haz carbon fiber?

Cinnamon bokeh


Carbon Fiber


Cinnamon piping

Cinnamon seams


And yes guys, I did recolor the rear carpet. But I used dye, not paint. So the procedure is what you would assume it to be. Clean the carpet well, wait for it to completely dry. Dilute your liquid dye with about 65-80% water and put in a spray bottle. Start spraying in light coats and after every coat, get a brush and work the dye into the carpet fibers. Repeat until the dye looks uniform and matches the front carpet. I needed 3 coats for it to remotely match the front carpet and it's still not perfect. You guys won't believe me but I used rit fabric dye, the straight black stuff


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