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Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
Don't do angel eyes if you're not touching the bumpers, especially on an xi (ridiculously high/goofy ride height.) Blue angel eyes are one of the riciest trends in this car community, I don't get why every new person wants them. I got them too, don't get me wrong, but I'm just telling you this because I grew out of them in about a month and seriously regretted spending so much time with them installed. Once I realized how lame it looked I just threw everything away. I was 17 at the time too, which should say a lot, because all the other teenagers loved it and got pissed at me for ditching them because of how 'dope' they looked.

Step 1 - lower the car and it will look WAY WAY better. Put decent wheels on in the summer and it jumps up yet another level. Wheels and drop are the 2 most important things you can do to a car. I always say that if you don't do both, don't bother with anything on the exterior. Period. It's better to be stock than ugly... period.

Step 2 - xenon headlights. you can do this first if you want, but this is something that makes everything look nicer no matter what. blue eyes make xenons look tacky.

Step 3 - miscellaneous (black grills, clears, tint, black window trim, painted moldings, whatever the hell you want to do.)

But since I've dedicated pretty much my whole life thusfar to modifying cars, I can tell you with some level of certainty that wheels + drop + xenon is the formula for a car that looks really great.
he pretty much nailed it.

if dont want to go the clear corners/sides/tails route, you can go the smoked/tinted route.

for bumpers you have choices of:
MTechI <- not very common unless it came stock with the car (330i sport package)
MTechII <- stock on 330 ZHP (Performance Package)

For BMWs it seems pretty general to do drop+lights+wheels.
For lights people replace the amber lights with either clear or smoked (and/or tinted in my case). They also install angel eyes.
If you car did not come with xenon projectors stock, I would go with the P46s... which is aftermarket xenon projectors that have angel eyes installed.

Later on, you can get exhaust, or just do a muffler/resonator delete which is way cheaper and still sounds great.
There arent much performance mods you can do that yield serious hp... so people tend to focus on looks and handling. For the most hp per $ spent you need to go FI, in my experience and opinion.

Congratulations on your new car, and happy modding!!!!

PS. besides modding, keep in mind to keep cash for maintenance... which is way more important.

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