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My Ride: 2005 330I 6Spd.
I have been using an Actron 9125 for reading the codes on my '05 330i and have heard from numerous sources that it is much better to use a Peake code reader to better diagnose the problems. I am researching how detailed the OBD2 (Actron) fault codes are when compared to the BMW (Peake) fault codes. If the info in the Bentley manual is correct, exactly the OPPOSITE is true. The following codes apply to my '05 330i per Bentley.

OBD2 (Actron) --- BMW FC (Peake) -------Condition

P0111 ------------- 77 ---- Intake air temperature sensor Range/Perf

P0112 ------------- 77 ---- Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit Low

P0113 ------------- 77 ---- Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit High

For the 3 conditions above, Bentley shows 3 individual codes for the OBD2 reader, and only 1 code (77) for the BMW FC reader. This goes against the accepted logic on this forum that the Peake reader is the more descriptive reader. There are many others.

OBD2 (Actron) P0030, P0031 and P0032 is BMW FC (Peake) 37
OBD2 (Actron) P0036, P0037 and P0038 is BMW FC (Peake) 39

Can anyone shed some light on why Bentley shows that the OBD2 readers give more detail then the BMW FC readers?
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