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Originally Posted by ken@bimmertools View Post
The thing that the Bentley charts do not take into account is the varied code definitions from chassis to chassis. You may be looking at a 3 series manual, but it does not break down the individual tables within the Peake manual which correspond to specific cars. For example, my 323 uses one chart of specific codes, where as your 330 would use another. The codes within are different for each table.

The Bentley table does the best it can, and serves a purpose. But there is a reason techs, dealers, and the factory do not rely on OBDII and a translation chart for doing actual diagnostic and repair work.

Also, because the chart does not work in reverse (because it's not really necessary to), you won't see the BMW factory codes that are not represented at all by OBDII.

Peake tools have actually been endorsed by and included in Bentley manuals since 1992. Clearly, they don't feel it is a redundant tool, even though they publish this chart for those who opt to use a generic tool.

The Bentley charts are broken down in detail to engine type, DME and production date, EXAMPLE; Table K, S54 Engine, Siemens DME S54 from 3-1-2001 to 8-31-2001. There are a total of 13 tables for the E46 (a thru m) Do you have any BMW FC table segments that you can post for a table M vehicle ('05 330i). I am sure you can understand my concern in the purchase of a Peake reader with the tables I have access to showing less definition provided using the BMW FCs.
Do you have tables that show individual codes for my posted data? P0111, P0112 and P0113 all being BMW FC 77. I just want to see some hard data before I replace my OBD 2 reader. Thanks.

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