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The Peake manual tables, which do correspond to the factory tables, are not labeled the same. I believe they are hexadecimal conversions of the factory digits/letters to allow the tool to present them easier. While the definitions within are identical, the tables in the Bentley book and the Peake Manual have different titles.

You can download the entire Peake manual here: - the current tool is the R5/FCX3 - download that PDF to see all the tables.

Something I'm not clear on, though - for the three OBDII codes you've listed, the definitions seem to be the default 'generic' language. I've looked through some of the tables I know are related to the E46 and do not see matching language. I do see an "Intake Temperature Sensor" code in some tables, though (digits for the code varies per table, does not correspond to 77).

It is entirely possible (and again, speculation on my part) that BMW's diagnostic system - which in turn triggers the closest OBDII code - does not discern high temperature from low temperature - just that the sensor is off. That would (likely) mean that when this fault occurs, the nearest OBDII code would be P0111. It may never display the others, because those parameters are not reported.

This is, of course, an explanation to something that I don't have the greatest grasp of. It seems that the Bentley tables are working with a different logic - presenting the OBDII codes, then the closest related BMW code, accompanied by the generic definition. I'm not familiar enough with the setup or accuracy of these tables to give you a better answer than what I've estimated here.

I am scheduled to speak with the folks at Peake today who have probably answered this question before. I'll see what I can find out for you.

Feel free to email me - - I'd be happy to put you in touch with them directly if you like.


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