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Putting it All Together:

The only thing left to be done of the physical install was to prep the computer for the install and put it all back together.

Mounting The DC-DC PSU:

The DC-DC power supply I used was from Opus Solutions, their 360W DC-DC ATX/BTX, though I think I went with the 250 watt version. It needed to be mounted where a standard AC-DC power supply would go in the Lian-Li Q07 case.

The board was mounted on some clear acrylic and secured into place, cables were tied down in the case, and it was nearly done.

To finish the computer up, I had to cover up the opening in the back.

Mounting the Carputer:

The existing LC6i and 6XS were removed to make way for the carpc. I was originally planning to have the computer facing outwards, using the flap in the CD changer trunk liner to access the removable terabyte drive, but due to the size of the case, I wouldn’t have been able to connect the USB, video, audio, power, and other connections on the back.

I used some more clear acrylic to start whipping up a way to mount the PC.

Even though no one will ever see it, I figured I’d clean up the edges with some sandpaper…

The case has rubber feet, but I put down a sheet of rubber ordered from McMaster-Carr that I had laying around to give the case good grip on the mount.

I had some sturdy L-brackets handy and put them to use.

Since I wanted it to be removable for troubleshooting, I used a bungie cable to hold it in place.

The final mounting solution installed.

Everything sealed up and ready to go, the hard drive hot-swappable bay is able to be removed, and due to the intake fan on the front of it, it can pull in ‘fresh’ air to keep the system cooler than if it had been completely covered by the carpeting.

Additional Hardware Used:

Screen: Xenarc 706TSA
GPS Receiver: BU-353
WiFi Antenna: Rosewill RNX-A8-EX 2.4 GHz Indoor 8 dBi Omni-Directional Antenna
Bluetooth: AZiO BTD-V201 USB 2.0 Micro Bluetooth Adapter
Xbox Controller Adapter: Microsoft Wireless Gaming Adapter
HD Radio: Visteon HDZ300
HD Radio Interface: Mitch’s HD Radio PC Interface in conjunction with a TrendNet USB to Serial cable
Steering Wheel Controls: Rolf Resler's IBUS Interface
USB Hub: D-Link DUB-H7
Monitor to Computer cable: Xenarc 5M interconnect cable (purchased at

Helpful Posts:

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Currently I'm very happy with the AuzenTech card, though having a drop in sound quality was one of my primary worries when going this route. It definitely sounds better than the stock head unit (and I have 4.1 surround now!) The screen isn't transreflective, but it looks bright enough during the day to be easily seen. At night it may be too bright, but I haven't extensively tested that.

There are still quite a few kinks to work out of the system. I need to get start-up times down a bit still. I'm waiting on a connector that was special ordered from (the Din-4 connector) to connect my HD radio tuner to the diversity antenna. Bluetooth works well, but I haven't installed a microphone to get it fully functional yet. My IBUS connectivity hasn't been remedied yet, I'm worried that the trunk connection I used isn't active since I don't have a stock head unit...your thoughts are welcome. And the GPS Still needs to be configured.

CentraSkin, a skinning application is in the works for making sleek new skins that will match the interior of an e46 better than the current default Centrafuse 3.0 skin.

A special thanks to Driiven and B-Man for all their advice.

Thanks for reading!
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