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Originally Posted by UncleDon View Post
Nice complete write-up and pictures!

I wonder why this kit does not include resister packs that plug in between the rings and wiring harness like EAS Auroras and Orion V2s have.
I'm not sure what the benefits of the resister packs are, less heat? brighter LED output? longer life? I'm sure they're included for some good reason.
Thanks Don! For the "resistor packs" I am not sure either. If I had to guess it would be to drop down the voltage closer to 12v to avoid any current spikes or the like frying the LEDs. Thus increasing reliability

Originally Posted by Mike@F1 AutohaŘs View Post
Great review! Much appreciated

Anyone that needs a set can contact me via PM or e-mail.
Mike, it is us Halogen owners who are appreciative. Thank you!

Originally Posted by matt330coupe View Post
Can't decide whether to wait for a more OEM color or spring on these. Either way, thanks for the great write-up
Thanks Matt! If you are on the fence like I was I say go ahead and do it now. For one, what if the manufacturer never decides to offer them in the OEM yellow? Plus, after getting them installed you will be 3/4 of the way there if they ever are offered. Most of the work is in routing and connecting the harness anyways. All that would be left to do would be to swap out the rings themselves.

For what its worth, I am glad I went ahead and purchased them.

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