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Originally Posted by Driiven View Post
Dude, Install came out slick! For anyone thinking about going this route, if you have the time patience and know how, it is well worth it. You will never look back at an aftermarket unit the same again.

I'm thinking about swapping out my screen for the 706 as well, how do you like it so far?

As far as startup times, are you using standby/hibernate and did try using minlogon yet? Minlogon was major in bringing boot times down for me.
thanks Driiven, your help was invaluable.

regarding the screen: check your PM's

i did try using Minlogon, and didn't really get a boost on boot-up times from it. my issue is that i think my terabyte hard drive is slowing down the boot process. when building the system out of the car, i was under 15 seconds for a cold boot (freaking blazing fast SSD drive), but then i threw the terabyte drive in the mix, and it slowed it to about 35 seconds. i'm not sure why the bios is taking so long to initiate, but that combined with all the peripherals has slowed me down to almost a minute from cold boot....seems like hibernate takes even longer, sadly.

do you have issues with the cold impacting your boot times?

and are you using an OBD-II peripheral?

Originally Posted by GCoop View Post
Cant see the pics either. Very interested though.
try visiting this link:

that's the link to the photobucket photo album that those are all shared in, if you can't see them there, then there's something going on with the hosting.
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