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Originally Posted by xlash View Post
n00b questions alert:

1) what do i need to do with the bleeder screw? or is it in the pic just for to indicate where it is?

2) do i just press up the push/lock clips? they seem delicate so i want to make sure what i'm doing before applying undue force

3) how do i remove the top and bottom connectors after applying WD40?

4) do i have to flush the coolant or can i just use lots of cloth, collect the coolant leakage and top it up once DIY is completed?

5) what's the best way to mininize coolant leakage when i remove the t-stat. 1.5L is quite a bit that could affect the underlying belt.
1. 2nd picture. You can use a large philips screwdriver to loosen it a bit. No need to remove it completely. If you haven't touched that area yet, better buy a new screw since it's plastic and can easily break.

2. Yes you press them to lock. They are delicate yet very cheap. I bought a bag of 100 and I just replace them when they start to break.

3. Pry the spring with a flathead screwdriver till it pops then wiggle the hoses to break loose and pull. Pretty straightforward when you see how the spring mechanism works.

4. Use a cloth to prevent spilling on the belts. Top it off with a 50/50 mixture of coolant/distilled water. No need for flush.

5. You can drain some beforehand through the radiator plug located below the radiator. You will need ramps and to take the splash cover out to do that. Or you can remove the temperature sensor located in the lower radiator hose. This way you will loose the coolant but it won't go on the belts. Nothing you can do to keep it inside the engine.

6 - If you have a dog, make sure to not let lick the coolant (it's sweet and poisonous). Wash away any spilled coolant
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