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Hey bud,

I think if you scrapped the 2gb ram and ran w/ hibernate you would find the system come up much faster . I bet you can run with 512 on the setup and notice no detriment to system performance. I am running pretty much the same external components on much slower hardware (single core 1.6 atom, 512mb with a mechanical 2.5" sata drive!) and the system is responsive and boots quickly. I would say to run the bios bare minimum, disable all ports and settings and see where it stands, slowly adding one by one til you find the issue. For example, on my motherboard legacy usb was a killer when it came to booting speed. As far as OS, are you running an n-lited install? This was also very important in getting the system to come up quickly. Disable all services that are fluff. It very well might be that you might have to scrap the 1tb drive in favor of an alternative solution or swap motherboards if its a bios issue.

Regarding my xenarc 700 vs.706. I also had a similar problem with the interior edging of the screen w/ rich's bezel. To be honest Rich's bezel took alot of modification to go into place without warping the screen to one side, affecting the touchscreen layer. Even now, I am not entirely impressed with its fitment. I have noted that your screen as well as other users screens fits recessed like the factory head unit. Mine is quite the opposite, it actually protrudes from the dash a few mm, especially on the bottom. where its maybe 3/8" or more outward than it should be.

Given what you told me in the PM, I am going to run with an aviation grade lcd of some sort. The CFL of my 702 is purple for a good 15 minutes in this cold weather . I did have some issues before with the additional board on the back loosening up, causing garbled images and screen refreshes every 5 seconds.... The epoxy that I use'd the first time didn't handle the temperatures in the summer months that well. It now look's like that is fixed but time will tell. Hopefully by summer, I will have found a proper solution to this lcd issue, probably something sourced for aviation. Xenarc isn't cutting it for me at this point.

Edit : I haven't noted temperatures affecting system boot up time.

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