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i'll look into dropping down to 1gb ram here soon. i can't really tweak the bios very easily with the resolution issues i mentioned in that PM. i bought some very low latency ram, and was hoping that it wouldn't be an issue running 2gb, but that would probably help. disabling legacy usb support seems like an interesting idea...

maybe i'll invest in a 250gb ssd drive in the future...

in some ways, i wish i would have fabricated my own bezel, especially considering the cost, but the construction of it is by far superior to the Bondo-tastic solution i would have otherwise.

let me know what screen you end up going with, and how much it costs. in my searching for different screens, i don't recall running into any that mentioned being aviation grade. are the ones at CarTFT.com similar to what you're looking at?

Edit: and i did use an nlited install--bios has been my one hold up in booting. the Windows splash screen would come up and the three blue bars that move across the screen wouldn't even become fully visible when the install was fresh....it was glorious.

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