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Step 9:
Now you have to get under the car. I used two floor jacks instead of the factory jack. I put the floor jacks under the factory jack points and slid the jack stands under the frame rails.

Step 10:
Next you have to remove the large black plastic Skid Plate under the engine. There are 7 medium Philips screws and 3 plastic clips. My car was missing the 3 clips connecting it to the front bumper.

Step 11:
Now you have to remove the Aluminum skid plate protecting the Transmission. There are (8) 16 mm bolts, a short socket and a small extension should do the job. The two green arrows on the left show there are 2 more bolts out of the picture.

Step 12:
Once you get the car up in the air and the Skid Plates out of the way you will see this. I wasn't sure what it was so I looked up the part number and found it's part of the Vacuum system. Just remove the (1) 13 mm nut. Once you have it loose you can tuck it up and out of the way. You will now finally see the Starter.

Step 13:
To give yourself a little more room to get to the mounting bolts on the Starter, remove the Skid Plate for the fuel filter. There are (5) 8 mm, 2 nuts and 3 bolts. Once the Plate is off you will see the foam piece that hold the fuel lines in place. You can pull this out if you want.

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