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Step 14:
Now using the E12 Torx socket, a universal joint, 3" ext., 8" wobble ext., 6" ext and a 10" ext. all fitted on a 3/8 drive socket wrench. I know it looks crazy, but you need the length and flex to get around the transmission to get onto the bolt head. The second picture shows how I routed the extensions along the transmission, use your other hand to guide the socket onto the bolt head.

Step 15:
Step 14 will help you get the lower mounting bolt off the starter, remember there will be a bracket that is fitted on that bolt as well. Take this time to note or take a picture of the wire connections on the starter.

Step 16:
Now you will need to go back to the topside. I had a rag on the fender as to not scratch the paint. I also found I needed to stand on something as the car is now a foot off the ground. You need to remove the top bolt off the starter. Now here is one of the biggest tips I was never told, you can see the head of the top bolt is pretty close to the fire wall. There is no way to get the E12 socket on the bolt head. I found a 3/8 box wrench fits perfect on the Torx bolt.

Step 17:
Once you get the second bolt off you have to get back under the car. Using a long punch to a pipe you might have, tap the starter to break it free from the bell housing. You can get your hand up inside and wiggle it up and down.

Step 18:
It will take some fighting to get the Starter out as there isn't much slack on the wires. Try pulling on the large red wires a bit and they will give a little. Once you get it out point the wire end down towards the ground. Here you will see all the connections on the Starter.

Step 19:
Once you get all the wires off you can now remove the Starter from the car. Here is the picture of the old Starter (Left) and new part (Right). I was worried that the new part wouldn't work as it was bigger then the one I took out. I talked to the dealership and they said they are all the same. I think the difference was due to being different brands.

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