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Originally Posted by ASSAIL View Post
cops can search a car if they have reasonable suspicion that theres something illegal in there or the person has been doing something illegal.

ie: they see a texta. they can search the car on suspicion of graffiti and vandalism.
so basically they can search any car they want.

a friend of mine had his car searched and they even pulled the roof lining down, didnt find anything, so they just fu#ked off.

and chaddy is the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere
The Mall of Asia was constructed within the reclamation area. It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 390,193 square meters compared to 185,000 square meters for Chadstone...

But I do know Wikipedia is king.

Yes they have to have a reason, you can ask them for the reason, if they do pull your car apart, and then drive off

Call your solicitor and then watch them come back in 30 minutes to put it all back in but at the same time if you dont have a solicitor on retainer this might be a problem.

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