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Thumbs Up Any Dave Ramsey Fans Here??

Just curious, I started reading his website, listening to his show, then I got the book, and shortly thereafter I sold my car (Solstice GXP for about $16,750) and plan to pay my Sky off. I was fortunate enough to have enough cash to buy my BMW so that is paid for.

So I have about $15k of debt left to go, and I re-fi'ed my house to a 4.5% 15-year fixed rate. I have paid off more principal in two months of having the house on a 15-year mortgage than almost a year with a 30-year! It just feels awesome seeing big chunks of the balance drop on every statement Currently I am working two jobs and so is my fiance, so that way we can do things and pay down on debt faster.

Anyways, if you are a fan, post up, I'd like to read your story. Even if you aren't doing it the exact way he describes (we aren't, but we are in the same mindset of never borrowing cash again!!), it may give someone motivation...
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