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Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me. If it was my car, I would try a 235/35 rear to start, just to make sure it doesn't rub too intensely. 245 on a 9.5" would be a close call if you don't have a lot of camber, since it's a normal tire for that size wheel.

This is what a 235/35 looks like on a 9.5", this is a good middle ground to start.
To be safe, I'll go with the 235/35..

and here's a 225/35 on a 9.5". You won't need to go this narrow if you roll the fenders well, but you can see what narrower tires do on wide wheels.. bump the size down and the clearance increases quite a bit.
This doesn't look bad.. but I hope the 235/35 do me fine *fingers crossed*

Alec, my front tires says 225/40! Should the front be 40 or should I drop it down to 225/35?

Thanks once again for the great help Alec! Lol your lucky your not my neighbor I would be randomly knocking on your door for help w/ my bimmer

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