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RL coils sound like a pretty good deal, I might switch from my current ZHP to that just for

btw, there were one member who mentioned about product out sourcing in China/East Asia. Sorry, i forgot who it was, and I am too lazy to go back. lol
I agreed with him. My dad's once had to out source some speakers for Panasonic, and found this factory in China that produces all kinds of electronics, such as TV, home theater system, etc
And he told me the factory really just use what they produce and fit them into a speaker cases that were designed by Panasonic, then package and ship them to the US for sale as Panasonic products. And so does Sony, and Samsung.
Basically, the electronics we are using in the States that costs us hundreds of dollars have no different in quality from what people in China uses, which probably cost them $50 per piece.
So at the end of the day, RL might not be that bad after all, and probably/possibly/hopefully the same quality as other branded coilover systems.

Also, I was pretty shocked when i saw the price of the RL coilover as well as other members here. $240 for the whole set!! Really? And i saw people judging the quality that we get from RL, which i did too. Well, I also tried looking at it in a business perspective, they are just trying to increase the market shares in the US. This low cost strategy seems to be working pretty well so far. I think another member mentioned something about it as well. For an example, the TV brands Vizio and Olivia are both fairly new to the market compare to Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic. Now they are both pretty mature and settle with their market position in US. People on the eletronics forum probably thought they were crap as well, because they were so cheap? I got an Olivia 27" LCD TV back in 2005, and it was around $400, when Toshiba was selling for almost a $1000. Well, my TV is still working, beside the fact that it doesn't have HDMI port, I am pretty satisfy with the purchase. I think RL will slowly move from the low end segment to at least the middle segment in the car parts industry in the next 4-5 years. And if so, they are still going to be selling the same kit that we are complaining about, but only at a higher price. And by that time, the next generation of 3series after e9x will be out, and no body will remember how much e46fanatics hated RL, but think that they are the good sh1t.

I must say $240 for RL is for sure a better VALUE than paying 1k for DDM. That's just me. =/

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