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year and body style: 1999 323i.
setup being rated: H&R Race Springs, Tokico Blue Shocks.
adjustments: -2 degree rear camber, -1.8 up front
additional aftermarket components: in sig, nothing suspension related
additional info: car has about 96K, about 2K on suspension
preferred ride style: low enough to have a very firm ride providing lots of feedback and control, not just for looks.
would you recommend this setup? yes,
price paid, including installation (if applicable): 260 springs new, 300 shocks, and struts used w/ less then 1K on them (shipped prices)
ride comfort: 8, less comfortable then stock sport, but better then my buddies kv2.
handling: 9 where 7 is stock sport.

i love the setup, getting a set of hotchkiss sways in the feature. When i went autocrossing it was a night and day difference, the tight suspension allows you to cut corners closer, keeps you in your seat better, and offers more of a driver feedback. However i recently drove 8 hours in one day and was not fatigued like i used to get in my mustang. the car requires more input now and can bump you pretty hard if your not paying attention to the road dips, but the faster you go the smoother the suspension gets, i can only imagine how this would feel cruising on an autobahn at 120+
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