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SOOOOOo i did work today. I'll upload pics maybe later tonight, but i just wanted to give you guys a jist of what i did today.

As far as the problem i thought i would have a couple of post up, it shouldn't be a problem as from the factory the housing cuts into the bearing seat already, so I think as long as I keep it a clean edge, i should be okay.

I also got the carrier into the housing!!! no ring gear just yet, but the carrier is in there. I need to grind some more down to get the ring gear to fit in with the carrier.

One issue i noticed was that the open diff is a tad bit longer (output shaft bearing to output shaft bearing) than the lsd. It's a total of about 1/4 of an inch. So about an 1/8th on each side. But i also noticed that the bearings on the open aren't flush mounted like the lsd ones are. So i might be able to pull out about a 1/16th on each side by not flush mounting the bearing (and make it like the open). So i'd have a difference of a 1/16th on each side that i'm still short. Will it be a problem? i have no clue how close tolerances on diffs have to be. I'll have more pics to show you guys exxactly what i mean, if you guys are confused.

Eitherway, pics will be up soon.
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