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Originally Posted by SL Blak Soldier View Post
SOOOOOo i did work today. I'll upload pics maybe later tonight, but i just wanted to give you guys a jist of what i did today.

As far as the problem i thought i would have a couple of post up, it shouldn't be a problem as from the factory the housing cuts into the bearing seat already, so I think as long as I keep it a clean edge, i should be okay.

I also got the carrier into the housing!!! no ring gear just yet, but the carrier is in there. I need to grind some more down to get the ring gear to fit in with the carrier.

One issue i noticed was that the open diff is a tad bit longer (output shaft bearing to output shaft bearing) than the lsd. It's a total of about 1/4 of an inch. So about an 1/8th on each side. But i also noticed that the bearings on the open aren't flush mounted like the lsd ones are. So i might be able to pull out about a 1/16th on each side by not flush mounting the bearing (and make it like the open). So i'd have a difference of a 1/16th on each side that i'm still short. Will it be a problem? i have no clue how close tolerances on diffs have to be. I'll have more pics to show you guys exxactly what i mean, if you guys are confused.

Eitherway, pics will be up soon.
you would have to put some shims under the bearing, so the carrier does not "slide" sideways when under load. but like you say, the open diff is not flush mounted, are the bearings somewhat close ended?

shims would also allow you the opportunity to adjust tooth contact pattern.

don't forget to check pinion depth too.
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